Dental Tourism

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Dental Tourism

Dental tourism may be the latest buzzword but what does it mean to the patient and the facility catering to patients? It means that there are patients across geographical boundaries that are looking for quality dental treatment and a great travel experience at much lower costs. To the facility offering dental tourism, it means that they are able to provide world-class dental treatment and care and a great travel experience at lowest prices.
We at Family Dentist have a long legacy of caring for our patients from India and abroad.  We are renowned and prominent centre for dental treatment in the National Capital Region Of India. The clinic offers a suite of the dental treatments, a team of highly accomplished doctors specialising in various fields of modern dentistry and a world-class dental treatment infrastructure.  All this helps to ensure that our patients go back with a lasting smile.
We have tied up with the leading travel operators to ensure that along with a world-class dental treatment, you get a world-class travel experience as well. Our clinic is located in the heart of the city with the leading 5 start hotels, hospitals and other recreational facilities in the vicinity. The international airport is roughly 20 miles away from our clinic. All this helps us in ensuring that our patients enjoy a good curing and travel experience while they are with us.

The benefits of dental tourism with Family Dentist:

  • Low cost
  • High quality dental treatment
  • Immediate service
  • Great convenience
  • Travel opportunities

Dental Treatment Description

 Cost in USA ($)*

 Cost in India ($)*

Dental Implants



Porcelain-Metal Crown/Bridge



Metal free Porcelain Bridges



Root canal Treatment



Scaling & Root Planning



Tooth colored composite fillings



* all costs per tooth